How to become a library user

Why register with the Jabok Library

No registration is required for using computers with the public internet or for using library materials on site.

It is necessary to request a library card (register in the library) in order to check out library material (bring books and other materials home).

How to register

The registration process starts by filling in the online registration form. It is possible to fill in the form in the library too.

To complete the registration, it is necessary to visit the library and submit a passport or other identification document. Registration is free for Jabok students and staff. For other users, a registration fee is charged.

User  can obtain the library card from  the library for a fee of 10 CZK. The users can also use their own smart card as a library card (e.g., ISIC, ITIC, Lítačka, IN-karta, bus pass cards or any other library software compatible smart card that includes the user's name, address, and photo) for free.

Registration is free of charge  for Jabok students and staff. Registration  is valid for them until August 31 of the current year, regardless of the date of registration.

For other users, registration is valid for 12 months for a fee of 50 CZK. Registation for users with disabilities is free of charge.

Personal data policy

Personal data submitted through the registration form

The data sent through the registration form is moved to the library user database (see below)  when the registration is complete. If the registrant does not visit the library to complete the registration, the data is completely deleted after 30 days.

Data stored in the  library user database

Mandatory personal data (required for registration contract):

  • Name and family name
  • Permanent address
  • Birth date
  • Number of identification card or passport.

Optional data used by the library:

  • Second name (if provided by user)
  • Contact address (if different from permanent address) — used to contact the user if needed
  • Email address — used for pre-due, holds and reservation notification, notification about overdue items and recurring fees, information about library services, etc.
  • Phone number(s) — used in cases where it is in the user's interest (for example, if the user has forgotten something in the library, if the notification is returned due to invalid address etc.)
  • Smart card chip number, if users own smart card is used as a library card — only chip number is used as a library card number and no other data stored on the smart card are being read or used any other way by the library.
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