Library catalog

Access the library catalog


How to use the library catalog

Library online catalog allows searching for the library materials and managing user library account.

Catalog is available at It is also possible to add search query directly in the search box at the top of the page.

The catalog is adapted for comfortable use, both on computer and on mobile devices.

Catalog search

Library catalog helps to find out:

  • which books, magazines, e-book etc. are available in the library,
  • where you can find them in the library,
  • whether it is currently possible to borrow them.

It is possible to search catalog by title, author, or topic, or browse documents by title, author or by shelves (location of the book).

List of searched documents can be emailed or printed. Searched documents can be also ordered for the loan or hold can be placed on them.

Library user account

New users receive logging information when registering in the library.

In the user account, user can:

  • manage personal information,
  • set the account preferences (notification, search preferences, loan and hold history preferences etc.),
  • get information about borrowed books.
  • renew borrowed items,
  • place and manage holds in the user account,
  • create and manage user books list, add notes to books list or to items in the list, or to share lists with others. etc.

If logged to the library account when searching, user can see in the search result list which books she/he  previously borrowed in the library.

Catalog help

If you need  assistance when  working with the catalog, you can ask the library staff. You can also  see the basic help topics .


Last updated 3 September 2020 - 3:42pm